Autodesk Certifications

An Autodesk certification can significantly improve students looking for a competitive advantage, or, for example, a company looking for people with the qualifications to make things happen. Strong design skills are a valuable asset to have in both the professional and academic arena. Autodesk software such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit Architecture, Civil 3D, Maya, 3DS MAX and fusion 360 gives students a significant advantage in achieving success at university or their careers.

Revit Mep is an example of a popular AutoDesk certification among engineers, designers and contractors. Autodesk Revit Mep is a building information modelling BIM software that is created by Autodesk for professionals who engage in MEP engineering.

Autodesk offers two primary certification credentials:

  • Autodesk Certified User
  • Autodesk Certified Professional.

Autodesk Certified User certifications can be obtained while studying at school.  Completing a certification while at school gives students the confidence that they require to master Autodesk products and have the option to pursue professional-level certifications in the future. The ACU requires approximately 150 hours of real-world Autodesk software experience and is a suited certification for those who are seeking employment within the design and engineering industries or an internship straight out of school.

The course content is available through study guides, and Autodesk provides courseware that instructors can use to build courses that prepare students for the certification exams. Examinations can be sat at any Certiport Authorised certification centre.

Autodesk Certified Professional certifications are designed for professionals and students who wish to advance beyond the Autodesk Certified User. ACP is also aimed at individuals who want to possess the advanced skills to solve complex challenges in workflow and design. Certification at the professional level demonstrates that you have an advanced skill set and are destined to stand out within the field.

The ACP requires at least 400 hours of real-world Autodesk software experience. ACP is popular among the following professional industries:

  • Animation
  • Construction management
  • Interior design
  • Architecture

The certification covers content such as Autocad It, 3D CAD, 3D Design, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Maya. Examinations for the ACP are taken at any Autodesk Authorised Training centre.

Benefits of Getting an Autodesk Certification

Gaining an AutoDesk certification will help you stand out within your profession as it demonstrates to employers that you can better understand. Other benefits include:

  • Earning an industry-recognised credential helps you to prove your skill level and prepare you for today’s workforce.
  • Developing your skills with sample projects and exercises that emphasise real-world
  • Accelerate your professional development and enhance your credibility and career success.
  • Validate your skills and join an elite team of Autodesk-certified

Autodesk Certified Instructors

Autodesk certified instructors are certified professionals who are affiliated with Autodesk Learning Partners. They have excellent product knowledge that is needed to meet industry standards and lead courses in instructional settings.

Autodesk helps certified professionals develop instructional skills and advance their career by earning an Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) certification online. There are four badges ranging from the Autodesk Certified Instructor program to Autodesk Certified Platinum program.