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The five central values of ILEA are:

  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Education

Core Curriculum

ILEA Approved is the international education standard selected for the creative event professionals and developed to recognise content that has significance for the global creative events industry. ILEA’s Core Curriculum helps you to discover what will help you in your professional development and teaches you how to add value to your business and sharpen your skills without getting overwhelmed from information overload.

The ILEA Core Curriculum is composed of critical competencies which are designed to provide consistent educational frameworks within a standardised format for learning about the live events industry. The core curriculum competencies include:

  • Entertainment: The Entertainment Content Outline identifies the procedures, steps and processes required for entertainment professionals to carry out their job to the best of their ability. This outline identifies the high-level interactions which are necessary for an events team to secure the successful production of entertainment at an event.
  • Event Planning: The CSEP outline is used as the educational content outline for the category.
  • Content Management: This outline explores the steps and procedures that are necessary for an event managing professional tasked with managing a speaker or speakers within the context of a conference or event.
  • Creative Services: This outline identifies the steps and processes with various members of the event team, which are required to ensure the successful creation and production of creative services for an event.
  • Food and Beverage: The Food and Beverage Support Services Outline explores the steps, procedures, processes and high-level interactions with members of the event team. The outline covers the work of various catering professionals from on-premise caterers to wedding cake specialists.
  • Technical Production: The Technical Production Support Services outline covers event professionals working within lines of work that include audio, lighting, video, staging and visual graphic design content, which is necessary for the execution of a meeting or event.
  • Venue: The Venue Content Outline provides advice and knowledge to the venue or locations that wish to hold events or meetings.
  • Rentals: The Rentals Support Services Outline explores the steps, procedures, processes and high-level interactions with members of the event team for a rental service event professional to effectively provide support services for an event.

Benefits of ILEA Membership

Joining ILEA can be an advantageous move for your career as ILEA members have exclusive opportunities to make valuable connections with event professionals and access a range of benefits:

  • Access to a broad member collective who plan and execute over one million special events each year
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge with creative professionals from around the world at the ILEA Live Conference
  • Access to the ILEA Member Directory to find and connect with fellow creative events professionals for advice and support
  • Utilise the ILEA Career Centre to take your career in the right direction
  • Establish a network of professionals and connect with new business opportunities.

Certified Special Events Professional

Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation was established in 1993 to recognise event professionals who had successfully demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability to perform the necessary skills to host and deliver a special event.

Partnering with Yardstick enables CSEP to modernise the test-taking system and offer a more enhanced faster return of scoring for candidates. The programme was developed for the following reasons:

  • Increasing the proficiency of event professionals
  • Elevating industry standards and practices
  • Establishing the level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification
  • Promoting the advancement of the special events industry
  • Advancing the careers of practitioners
  • Acknowledging the high calibre work of CSEPs and the value of the products and services they provide