Occupational safety is at the forefront of importance in both large and small companies. For that reason, it’s crucial that key staff members get the training they need to protect themselves and the larger staff body. The global network of licensed training providers offers a variety of core health and safety courses. Undertaking one of these certificates can have a major impact on your organisation as it may help to reduce levels of sickness, increase productivity and keep staff members safe at all times during their professional tasks.

Why study an IOSH Approved Training Partner course?

IOSH Approved Training Partner courses are recognised all around the UK, which means that the qualifications you will gain are transferable. The training is divided into a variety of categories, including Core Skills, Professional Development, Executive Education and Management Education. Before you get started with your IOSH certificate, it’s important that you consider which pathway is right for your career. Determining which to choose will depend greatly on your current job role and how you plan to progress in the near future.

What jobs can I do?

Now that you’ve gained an understanding of IOSH Approved Training Partner courses, let’s delve into the roles you may undertake. Equipping yourself with the latest health and safety training opens a range of doors and can help you to accelerate your career. While many professionals will benefit from undertaking the Core Skills certificates, the additional qualifications may mean that you are eligible for health and safety-specific roles. With that in mind, here are some of the jobs that you may want to apply for after completing your studies. 

  • Health and Safety Professional 
  • CDM Advisor 
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Fire Safety Manager 
  • Environment Advisor 
  • Health and Safety Engineer 
  • Health and Safety Director

What IOSH Approved Training Partner courses are there?

If you’re considering undertaking an IOSH Approved Training Partner course, you need to decide which one will suit you. Needless to say, there are many different IOSH courses available, and so you need to take your time when choosing which one will suit you. You should also look at the requirements you need before undertaking an IOSH Approved Training Partner course to ensure that it is the right fit for your current needs. 

  • IOSH Managing Safely – Including Exam
  • How to Inspect Pallet Racking 
  • Working Safely 
  • Leading Safely 
  • SHE for Construction Workers 
  • Tailored Training Courses

If you’re looking for health and safety training that will be recognised around the country, opting for an IOSH Approved Training Partner course is certainly the way to go.

Why not browse the current courses and find out which one is right for you?