What are the benefits of taking a NALP course?

Taking a NALP course functions somewhat as a guarantee of quality and competence in delivering your legal services to any law firm; having the NALP affiliation will help to distinguish yourself and your skillset from that of your peers and competitors. NALP training is also of the highest calibre in the legal sector, as the qualifications given by the awarding organisation are the only paralegal qualifications approved and accredited by the government body Ofqual.

Whilst offering recognised qualifications to its members in order to aid their professional development, the NALP also functions as a membership body for those working in the legal sector; enlisting membership from law graduates to barristers to entry-level legal secretaries. 

Being a member of the NALP is also an aid to your professional development, as networking within a paralegal membership body will help you to establish your name and build strong professional relationships within the paralegal profession, as well as the wider legal sector. 

What kind of NALP paralegal qualifications can I take?

Some of the courses offered by the NALP in paralegal studies are the following:

  • Level 3 Paralegal Practice
  • Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies 
  • Level 7 Diploma in Paralegal Practice 

The NALP also offers various memberships to all who work in the legal sector, or those wishing to join it. The membership body functions as a tier system, with each level of membership ranked and based on experience, education and training. 

For example, those who have no qualifications as a paralegal practitioner but have an interest in paralegal practice can become an ‘affiliate’ member, whilst a person with an academic law background and lots of work experience can apply for a ‘Principle fellow’ membership. These specifications aid your employability and your chances of finding the right job, as the NALP is an accredited and established institution and thus your affiliation indicates a high calibre of training.  

What can I do with a NALP qualification?

A NALP training course or qualification can be used as a stepping stone onto further study in the paralegal profession, as well as used simply to bolster your skills or aptitude in any job in the legal sector. Taking a NALP course can also help you connect with other paralegal professionals in the industry, as networking functions as a key part of the legal profession.