(ISC)2 offer a variety of certifications, exam prep and training courses which are run via a combination of teaching methods including; classroom teaching, online training and self-paced tools. Their experts fully engage everyone who takes part in their training whether you are embarking on a CISSP leadership certification, an SSCP cybersecurity certification or an HCISPP healthcare certification; through webinars, blogs and classroom-based lectures.

Why study with (ISC)2?

There are many reasons why you might want to study with one of the leading IT security organisations in the world; not least of all because of their amazing track record! They have a 98% satisfaction rate with the majority of their certifications, including the highly regarded Certified Cloud Security Certification Course (CCSP). They are the number one centre for IT cybersecurity, information security and security management courses, with a variety of benefits for their members. But what are the benefits of studying with (ISC)2?

  • You can gain a certification in 3-5 days and become a security professional, learning from a qualified instructor at one of their (ISC)2 facilities or official training provider locations worldwide.
  • You can take control of your learning not only through self-study tools but also through self-registration for exams, so you don’t have to cram the night before or wait to take an exam you feel you are ready for.
  • You can manage your own learning and be exam ready with self-study tools such as The Official CISSP Study Guide, practice tests and flashcards.
  • You can connect with other Information Security professionals, employees and business owners through their community pages and blogs.
  • You can gain certification no matter where you are in the world, with online resources, training centres and certification exam centres across the globe from the United States and the UK, to Africa and the Middle East.
  • You gain a holistic and thorough understanding of cybersecurity, with their focus not only on IT professionals being up to date with the latest software, but also the general public knowing how to secure their data and the code of ethics with regards to personal information. This unique approach is highly valued by employers as well as useful in everyday life.

If you are already employed in an IT role or want to work your way into it through your current career, they also offer a variety of personal and professional development courses which build on your current knowledge. Get specific training on app security, business management or cloud security through affordable courses which help to direct you into an area you are interested in.