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Learning Resource Network offers globally recognised certifications providing certified proof of the skills needed in teaching, business and international English tutoring. They offer courses such as the Level 5 Teacher Training, Level 3 Business Management and official ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). They also offer both classroom-based and online courses, with a full specification included with each course so you can see if the course is right for you. LRN operates all over the United Kingdom so you can either get classroom-based tuition or simply visit one of their centres to sit your assessment.

Why study with the Learning Resource Network?

The real question is; why not?! The Learning Resource Network is undoubtedly the go-to awarding organisation if you want to gain certification for your teaching career. Whether you are wanting to work with primary or secondary school children in the UK, or want to teach adults abroad who are learning English as a second language, you can provide vital opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and nationalities around the world with this highly rewarding career. Here are just a few reasons why you should study with the Learning Resource Network:

  • Learning Resource Network is recognised as an awarding body by Ofqual (the English Government department which regulates examining and awarding bodies).
  • LRN can not only help you get into the career you want with a recognised qualification but offers various courses to add to your professional and personal development.
  • You can choose to study in your own time online or at one of their many centres with face-to-face and high-quality tutor support.
  • LRN provide a cost-effective alternative to attending a university or college (and therefore incurring tuition fees, accommodation and travel costs).
  • You get a full overview of the courses via their specifications, meaning you can make an informed decision about your education.
  • As well as English teaching qualifications, they now offer a range of other certifications in business, creative industries, digital enterprise and even Islamic banking.

Their non-teaching qualifications are given just as much care and consideration as their teaching ones; having been put together by the expertise of academics and inspired by professionals within the industries. You can find a range of certifications such as a Level 5 Diploma in Business and Enterprise or a Level 3 Diploma in European Creative Industries. They offer a detailed overview of what the courses entail, including the educational institutions which recognise their certifications. Find the course to help you pursue your career and choose the industry which is right for you with LRN.