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A Google Cloud Partner with a specialism indicates a strong signal of proficiency and expertise with Google Cloud and Google Cloud Partner. The knowledge acquired suggests that they have demonstrated customer success.

Google Cloud Partner also offers services for storage, networking, big data, machine learning, cloud management, security and developer tools.

Benefits of Google Cloud Partner

There are several benefits of Google Cloud Partner:

  • Future-proof cloud infrastructure
  • Ever-expanding products
  • Transparency and privacy
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cost savings
  • Network security with artificial intelligence

Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program is your go-to resource to find partners that support you in the cloud. As Google has already vetted the partners, you can choose from thousands of experts covering a wide range of specialities.

The first step to getting started with the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program is to identify and apply for the best engagement model that suits your needs. Following on from the application, the Google team will then follow up and get in touch to ensure that you meet the requirements. Upon being approved, you will receive access to the partner portal via email which allows you to explore training, tools and other resources.

Google Cloud Advantage Program is Innovative, Collaborative, Simplistic and centred on Growth.

  • Innovative: Program flexibility allows partners to engage with Google Cloud in a way that will enable them to both drive their business and meet the needs of their customers.
  • Collaborative: The partner experience is an open two-way dialogue that allows partners to team up with Google Cloud to create the best solutions for Google customers.
  • Simplistic: The streamlined Partner Portal provides all the tools and resources necessary for making partnering as simple as possible.
  • Growth: At the heart of Google Cloud’s partner business is the focus upon the end customer.

Google Cloud Partner Program Levels

Google Cloud Member Level

Partner Advantage includes extensive resources to help you succeed and quickly achieve Partner level, including:

  • Access to the Partner Advantage Portal where you’ll find tools and resources to start establishing your knowledge of Google Cloud technology
  • Self-paced lab environments, powered by Qwiklabs, to practice using cloud services outside of a live production environment
  • Access to on-demand technical training: specific courses are required to earn credentials
  • Leverage the Partner Advantage Live webinar program to hear about new opportunities and program updates
  • Partner program support via Partner Concierge

Google Cloud Partner Level

Members that have completed business planning and all other Partner level requirements have access to a robust set of resources to help you succeed, including:

  • Access to marketing campaigns, sales content, support resources, and training via the Partner Advantage portal
  • Consideration for free co-branded customer success story development
  • Promotion of your business in our Partner Directory as well as your solutions in the G Suite and GCP Marketplace
  • Financial incentives
  • Access to Partner Advisor to help you drive business growth
  • Use of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage badge

Google Cloud Premier Partner

Partners that have demonstrated the highest levels of technical proficiency, expertise and impact with customers may be eligible to join our Premier level.

Premier partners receive all the benefits of the Partner level, plus:

  • Access to Partner Marketing Funds and other financial incentives
  • Named Partner Advisor
  • Exclusive training and events
  • Co-marketing opportunities with Google
  • Use of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage badge

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