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What Courses are Available?

There are a variety of courses available including:

  • Life Coaching Diploma Level 3
  • Counselling Advances Diploma Level 4
  • Counselling and Psychology Advanced Certificate
  • Counselling and CBT Diploma Level 4

Why Study an ACCPH Accredited Course?

There are a variety of courses available depending on your level, location and career aspirations. Their psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling courses and life coach courses all meet their quality standards. These include criteria such as a balance of theory and practical knowledge, teaching in ethics, law and mental health and how to assess and assist a client’s condition. This ensures that all courses cover the competencies you need to become qualified. Analyse a case study, learn how to conduct cognitive behavioural therapy or enhance your counselling skills with an ACCPH accredited training course

They also work with a variety of prestigious distance learning providers and training providers. You can study with organisations such as Association of Learning, The International Career Institute and NCC Home Learning. These home study experts meet the high standards of the ACCPH and ensure you get the best learning experience.

What do ACCPH Accredited Courses Include?

When you enrol on an ACCPH accredited course, you are guaranteed that it will meet the below specifications. Some courses may include more than the minimum, however, you can be sure that an ACCPH course at least meets the standards below to ensure that you gain in-depth and all-round knowledge.

Course to cover a minimum of 60-349 hours study time (with more hours necessary for higher-level courses)

Practice log/Portfolio Assessment Included

Theoretical and Portfolio-based Assessment Included

Minimum of 50% marking by Senior Tutor

(Dependant on course type) Teaching via live or recorded video and audio sessions

(Dependant on course type) Supervised practical sessions

Once you complete your ACCPH accredited course, you can apply to become a professional member of the ACCPH by sending your completed certification. Once you join, clients and employers can find you on the ACCPH register. Following your completed course, if you did not have the opportunity to engage in practical sessions with clients, you can still see clients and become an accredited member following 100 hours of working with clients. Previous experience in teaching or HR can also count towards your practical experience and become an accredited member.