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What makes IARC unique?

What makes an IARC course unique is the high standard to which it is held. The committee members get together to set out a framework for the education programmes available in the international market. That means that qualifications which are certified by this body have to adhere to a benchmark standard of excellence. The expert education professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and skillsets to the table. 

When choosing the right online course for you, it may pay to look into a course that has been backed by the IARC. These qualifications are recognised internationally, which means that they will enable you to further your career in the educational sector. The courses accredited by IARC include vocational, distance, adult and continuing certificates. There is a wide variety of opportunities available for learners. That means that choosing the right one could be the key to unlocking your career success.

IARC register for further education

IARC is primed for professionals working in further education, i.e. at a university or college. Needless to say, you will already need to have the relevant qualifications to enable you to teach within one of these institutes. When you have these qualifications, it could be worth looking into the IARC register and expanding your career options. 

You may already be employed by a university, online teaching school, trade school, or college. If that is the case, you can look into completing an IARC course to help further your career. The course is applicable for university lecturers, teachers or tutors. 

Before you embark on an online qualification from IARC, you will need to check that you are eligible to do so. The association encourages both the teaching and learning staff of IARC member schools to join the register when they have the chance. If you are interested in these courses, it’s worth doing some research and finding out what works for you.

Professional Development Award for Courses

Aside from backing certain courses, the IARC also offered the Professional Development Award for Courses. Should a school or educational facility be offering a high enough level of qualification, the staff may be able to apply for this particular award. In order for the institute to be accepted, it will have to meet the benchmark of standards, which has been set out by the association. There is an outline of criteria that the school must adhere to when attempting to gain this honour. Put simply, that means that facilities which hold this award are of the highest level of excellence and can be trusted. When you’re searching for the right institute for you, it may be worth looking out for this award.