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What courses can I do through the IET?

There are a variety of accredited courses you can enrol on, which will give you that globally recognised IET qualification. The level and type of course you do will depend on your experience and skills, however, the IET offer courses for people of all levels. They also offer support to those enrolled on and looking for, mechanical engineering apprenticeships and students all over the United Kingdom. Some of their most popular courses include:

  • Business Skills
  • Project Management
  • PRICE2 Foundation
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Project Management Techniques

The IET offers a variety of courses, lectures technical visits and seminars which are available all over the United Kingdom – including a range of online e-classes. Many of these events also have guest speakers who are world-renowned specialists in their field and help daily to engineer a better world. Most of their lectures and seminars are free, so you can learn from the experts without any cost to you! Their courses do cost money as they take longer to complete and have expert tutors to help you get the best education possible. However, once you gain a qualification through the Institution of Engineering and Technology, finding a highly paid job will be easier than ever.

Can I connect with recruiters through the IET?

As well as professional membership, educational courses and events, IET can also help you find your dream job. If you complete your IET course and are looking to find a role to suit you, you can check out their engineering job search which will match you up with leading organisations who are looking for people just like you.

As well as helping you find your dream career, they also invest in helping young people with education. They donate to help support young people who want to get into engineering, to obtain the skills and education they need through bursaries and scholarships. Last, but certainly not least, they invest in ground-breaking research in the field and offer members the chance to have their own research published in an IET book or journal.