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Axelos’s methods focus on developing the skills, knowledge and competency of employees and organisations so that they can work more effectively. These methods include ITIL, PRINCE2, MSP and RESILIA.


ITIL is the world’s most popular approach to IT service management. Used by thousands of organisations including NASA and Microsoft, the ITIL approach shows employees and organisations how IT can facilitate business transformation and growth. ITIL version 3 has recently been updated to ITIL4.


PRINCE2 is a project management method that is used in a range of industries and sectors, including the voluntary sector. Based on seven principles, themes and processes, it guides employees and organisations through the basics of managing successful projects. Over a million professionals from over 150 countries currently use PRINCE2.


MSP helps small and large organisations to cope with change by using programme management. It defines the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in programme leadership and its framework allows large complex changes to be split into manageable projects. MSP was even used to organise the London 2012 Olympics.


RESILIA provides the training and tools that enable organisations to attain global best practice in cyber security. The RESILIA portfolio includes:

  • RESILIA Frontline – cyber security awareness training for employees
  • RESILIA Snapshot – helping organisations to assess the suitability of their current cyber security.
  • RESILIA Professional – cyber security certification for IT professionals
  • RESILIA Executive – cyber security training for senior leadership teams.

Why study an Axelos course?

Studying with AXELOS is a speedy way to improve your skills and gain globally recognised certifications. Available in over 150 countries, these successful programmes can be delivered via distance learning or in a classroom setting.

If you enrol in an AXELOS training course, you’ll also become eligible to join My AXELOS. This is an online subscription service that provides useful content, templates and toolkits, as well as access to an online community of experts and practitioners.

The content you’ll receive as a member differs depending on which certification you are studying. For example, membership of My ITIL includes access to ITIL publications, templates, exclusive white papers, professional development tools and digital badges. Membership of My MSP is similar, but it also offers access to best practice guidance videos.

What jobs can I do?

  • Project Manager
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Service Desk Support
  • Service Desk Lead
  • Service Management Architect
  • Cyber Resilience Consultant
  • Risk Manager
  • Security Consultant
  • IT Auditor
  • Information Security Officer

What professional certifications does AXELOs offer?

  • ITIL 3 Foundation
  • ITIL 3 Practitioner
  • ITIL 3 Intermediate
  • ITIL 3 Expert
  • ITIL 3 Master
  • ITIL 4 Foundation
  • ITIL 4 Managing Professional
  • ITIL 4 Strategic Leader
  • ITIL 4 Master
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner
  • MSP Foundation Certification
  • MSP Practitioner Certification
  • MSP Advanced Practitioner Certification
  • RESILIA Foundation Certification
  • RESILIA Practitioner Certification