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Why Study an IIB Council Programme?

IIB Council programmes provide the latest education on up to date technology and digital marketing trends. Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand areas right now, and as technology develops and more businesses rely on digital marketing, this career area is guaranteed to be Futureproof. In the last year alone, the demand for blockchain experts grew a huge 500%!

Not only is your expertise in high demand, but employers in a variety of sectors will be keen to have you on their books. Knowledge of digital marketing, business technology and digital tools is needed in everything from the retail sector to the healthcare industry, and with IIB Council programs you can learn transferable skills to use in any role. 

If you embark on a career that is directly related to digital marketing, you can also enjoy a financially rewarding career. Digital marketing is essential in the world of IT and Business, two of the most quickly developing and profitable industries. With your up to date knowledge of business operations and your expert skillset developed from a premium training program, you can enjoy an interesting, financially rewarding and Futureproof career. You can even explore exciting careers in futuristic technologies, fintech, automation and cryptocurrency

What Certification Programs Are Available?

The IIB Council offer programs including:

  • Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP)
  • Certified Digital Marketer (CDM)
  • Certified Project Manager (CPM)

When you achieve certification, your professional status will boost your resume. They don’t mess about with general or vague qualifications, instead, IIB Council offers specific programmes to ensure you become an expert in your chosen field.

What Careers Options Are Open with an IIB Council Certification?

There are a variety of careers in areas such as machine learning, project management and even artificial intelligence. Their certification could get you to the next level in your 

What Are the Entry Requirements?

Some programmes such as the Project Manager qualification is open to everyone from beginner to expert. However, the Blockchain Professional course does require previous knowledge which is detailed on the specific course page.

What Do the Courses Include?

Their courses include a variety of practical and theoretical elements to help you become an expert. Most of their courses take approximately 3 months to complete but this depends on the training provider.

Each of their courses includes elements such as:

  • Lab Projects to Practice your Skills
  • Over 10 hours of online instructional videos
  • Quizzes and tests to assess your skills along the way
  • Final project to tie in everything you have learned and create something for yourself!

They offer a range of distance learning courses so you can practice your skills in your own time and refine your expertise.