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About SAS

With more than 40 years in the software and analytics sector, the business has become a well-known powerhouse in the field. When you choose to use the software provided by SAS, you can be sure that you will get the highest level of data-driven results. The programs are perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of different sectors, including scientific data and even niche areas such as artificial intelligence. 

Using this data analytics platform means that you can find solutions to problems fast. Using intelligence-backed systems means that you can make sensible decisions on behalf of your business. When you’re finding it hard to manage a wealth of information, ensuring that you rely on some trusted SAS software is the way to go. The more you start to learn these processes, the better informed you will be when it comes to data analytics.

What professionals use SAS?

Now that you know about SAS, let’s talk about what types of professionals use this software. The truth of the matter is that these programs are useful in a wide variety of careers. Learning whether SAS programs are applicable to you will help you make the right decision for your future. Experts use the software to explore, analyse and visualise data in an easy-to-understand way. Of course, data analysts tend to use this stuff on a regular basis. However, it doesn’t end there. Many professionals can benefit from SAS programs and products. With that in mind, it is useful for the following people: 

  • Business analyst 
  • Data scientist 
  • Forecaster 
  • Managers 
  • Statistician 
  • Data administrator

When you choose to start using SAS programs, there are many different options out there. You may decide to look into the scientific literature search and text analysis, which could help you to analyse more than 50,000 coronavirus-related documents. Equally, you may choose to go down the data modelling route. If that’s the case, you could gain access to data from trusted organisations around the world. These include John Hopkins and The World Bank. That means that you can easily model outbreak data.

SAS and Microsoft Azure partnership

Microsoft Azure is a leader in the cloud space, while SAS is a leader in analytics. For that reason, the two coming together should be no surprise. XMicrosoft Azure and SAS have recently partnered to deliver the power of AI to everyone. These two systems can work hand-in-hand to help you look after your data and analyse it quickly and easily. You might call them the dynamic duo. The announcement means that professionals across all sectors can start managing their data well. Making automated trusted and analytically driven decisions will be a cinch when you have access to this wealth of knowledge.